DuraQ Driver

Providing a robust design with superior operating life versus today's electronic drivers.

Reliable. Robust. Proven.

The DuraQ high performance driver is the first of its kind in the lighting industry! Providing a robust design with superior operating life versus today’s LED electronic drivers, the DuraQ driver is the go-to solution for long-life lighting needs.

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The DuraQ high performance driver features a specialty transformer that protects against line and load variation to provide extended operating life.
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Robust Design

No need for additional surge protection as the DuraQ driver provides up to 30kV surge protection of the luminaire system.
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The technology behind DuraQ has been in use for decades in outdoor and hazardous locations for mission critical infrastructure such as airfield lighting, cable television, and other heavy industries.

Why DuraQ is the solution to your critical lighting infrastructure

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DuraQ Pilot Program

Test the performance of Cooper Lighting Solutions’ DuraQ LED products before you pay for them with this 180-day pilot program.

DuraQ Pilot Program
DuraQ Pilot Program

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