Service Contracts



Cooper Lighting Solutions service contracts provide assistance through the network of national technicians. With a national presence that entails a broad network of experience with complex systems, Cooper Lighting is able to assist with anything from system improvements to recommendations for future layouts to training classes. Service contracts provide additional support to cover the system support opportunities that arise during a lighting system’s lifetime. By utilizing a centralized remote team located in our Georgia office, Cooper lighting is able to provide remote support for the majority of systems.

Remote Support and Programming

Remote support allows Cooper Lighting to leverage the first available technician from anywhere across the US to log into a customer’s system and update/diagnose an issue. This national network of technicians allows for quicker response times and faster time to resolution. This allows service contract onsite support days to be utilized for more critical applications or possible emergency situations. Remote programming is limited to systems where network is enabled, these types of scheduled support items require additional detail to determine the scope of the change and type of change required.

Technical Phone Support

Cooper Lighting provides technical phone support as standard with all system sales. To contact technical phone support call 1-800-553-3879. Extended phone support hours are offered under service contract requests. Whether you have a service contract or a standard warranty, our technical phone support team is here to help.

Onsite Support

Cooper Lighting certified technician will provide support at the customer site. This onsite support is best suited for more complex configuration changes, systems without remote access and system audit work.

Customer Site or Remote Training

Cooper Lighting offers two types of training Tier I and Tier II training for customers with service contracts. Tier I would include a basic programming knowledge and basic programming changes were as a Tier II training would incorporate a much more advanced programming concepts and trainings for those with more advanced knowledge on the lighting systems.

Service contract vs warranty


The table below shows what items are covered in the cost of the warranty vs the service contracts.

       Denotes an additional charge would be required.

       Means it is covered.


*Number of days available for onsite support varies by plan.


Q: Is the factory warranty still valid if a service contract is not purchased?

A: Yes, the factory warranty will still be valid regardless of whether a service contract per the standard terms and conditions for sale.

Q: What is the difference between Technical Phone Support and Remote Programming?

A: Technical Phone Support walks through troubleshooting of system issues while Remote Programming provides the capability for system profile changes.

Q: Does buying an extended warranty offer the benefits of a service contract?

A: No, an extended warranty provides a longer timeframe for the standard warranty terms. The warranty terms remain consistent with the standard terms and conditions of sale unless explicitly stated by Eaton.

Q: Can service contracts be tailored to our site’s specific needs?

A: Yes, each service contract can be customized for a user’s unique requirements.

Q: Can phone support be provided after hours?

A: Yes, with a service contract the customer may request after hours phone support which can be worked into the contract details.

Q: Can we extend the years of the service contract?

A: Yes, the years of the contract can be worked to specific needs however our standard contracts are 1-5 years.


Service Contract vs. Warranty

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