Wall Mount Lighting

Illuminating walkways, entryways, paths of egress, or adjacent driveways and parking lots

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Outdoor wall mount lighting is also known as building mount lighting. These products can enhance the building by complementing its styling while also providing better area safety through illumination. Wall-mounted products can be used in a wide variety of applications from residential homes all the way to high-end architectural buildings.

Outdoor wall mount lighting also includes a unique set features such as integrated emergency battery packs for instances of power failure or integrated motion sensors for increased energy savings. We have a wide variety of building mounted products to cover almost any application.

Featured Solutions

Outdoor wall mount lighting application image
Impact Elite LightSquare

Impact Elite LightSquare

Rugged construction and full range of optical packages provide facade and security lighting for light restricted zones surrounding schools, office complexes, apartments, and recreational facilities.
Galleon Wall LED

Galleon Wall LED

The Galleon™ wall mounted LED dayform appearance is complementary with the Galleon area/site luminaire bringing a modern architectural style to wall mounted lighting applications.
Galleon Wall application
Wall mount lighting application image
Entri LED

Entri LED

Using Cooper Lighting Solutions’ proprietary LED LightSquare technology and AccuLED Optics™ system,the Entri LED luminaire family offers designers vast versatility in system design, function and performance.

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Outdoor Lighting Product Selection Guide

Product Selection Guide

Use this quick reference tool to easily compare all of our outdoor lighting products and solutions.

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