Outdoor Lighting

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Architectural/ Decorative

From essential jobs like illuminating signage to unique lighting effects that highlight features, outdoor architectural and decorative lighting should always do one thing: put the power of precision in the designer’s hands.
Outdoor municipal water area

Area & Site

Creating a great pedestrian experience is all about balancing visibility and aesthetics with well-chosen area and site lighting. These industry-leading solutions do both, offering thoughtful security and energy-saving features as well.
Outdoor office complex


Effectively illuminating large areas is a big task, requiring you to balance security needs with local codes while controlling costs and maintaining a certain aesthetic. With right floodlighting solutions, you can rise to the challenge every time.

Garage and Canopy

Consistent and uniform light levels provide visual acuity critical to the safety of the user. Our market-leading optics achieve maximum area coverage for energy savings as well as an overall reduction in glare.
Waterway overlooking city

Landscape and Bollards

Easy to install and maintain, landscape and bollard lighting rounds out landscape lighting designs by providing illumination low to the ground—helping pedestrians find their footing and adding a layer of visual dimension.
Steel poles

Poles & Brackets

From functional to decorative, we offer a range of outdoor lighting poles and brackets to achieve true design precision. These accessories are all built with the quality construction you’d expect from Cooper.
LED street light


Roadway applications can be challenging—but with our suite of expertly-designed roadway lighting products, they’re not. We’ve combined the optical performance and efficiency you need with features that make the installation process painless.
Hockey rink


The broadest array of solutions in sports lighting. We’re committed to offering the right solution for every venue, with systems that are better for players, communities, and the environment.
Outdoor business

Wall Mount

There’s nothing like a warm, inviting glow to punctuate your building’s exterior at night. In our outdoor wall mount portfolio, you’ll find options for every job—from functional and cost-effective to more decorative, architectural options.

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