Connected Lighting System

WaveLinx – Your connected, scalable and smart digital lighting system.

Composed of wired and wireless sensors, load controllers, keypads, luminaires and other control devices, WaveLinx addresses energy efficiency and comfort requirements while seamlessly collecting and communicating data to value-added applications.

Designers, electrical contractors and building owners/operators use the WaveLinx connected lighting system to comply with latest energy codes, maximize energy savings and improve occupant experience. The system is used in all types of indoor, outdoor, commercial, and industrial applications—from a single room, to a floor, to a whole building, warehouse or even an entire campus.

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Your Digital Transformation Starts Here

Unlock the value of your WaveLinx Connected Lighting System by leveraging the gathered data from your WaveLinx smart devices and our suite of powerful Trellix software applications.

Featured WaveLinx Systems

WaveLinx Wireless

WaveLinx Wireless

Take complete control of your luminaires to create energy efficient spaces across multiple floors, buildings, and even multiple sites using your mobile device and our wireless lighting control system.
WaveLinx Wired Application Photography

WaveLinx Wired

Take complete control of all your luminaires (LED, fluorescent, incandescent) using our rich portfolio of wired DIN rail mountable wire-based controllers to create energy-efficient spaces across multiple floors or multiple buildings.
WaveLinx Lite

WaveLinx Lite

Building upon known motion sensor solutions, the WaveLinx Lite solution eliminates all the hassles associated with a complex lighting controls solution making the commissioning process intuitive and flexible, giving more power to installers/owners.

Features and Benefits

Real Time Data


• With a wide portfolio of controllers designed to meet all fixture types, you’ve got more choices.

• Easily zone and reconfigure spaces based on occupant workflow, thanks to WaveLinx’s flexible design.

• Achieve peace of mind with flexible solutions to meet energy codes.

• Simplify integration with 3rd party systems such as BMS, AV systems, shade control system and DMX-based lighting control systems with the widest range of interfaces.

• Be ready for IoT requests with Ethernet Gateways that provide an interface to Trellix, our smart IoT spaces platform.



• Reduce installation time/cost with WaveLinx Wired pre-wired panels.

• Save installation time with our luminaires with integrated WaveLinx wireless sensors. Most popular models are available in stock at your local distributor.

• Save time with WaveLinx Wireless out-of-the-box functionality, construction grouping and automatic code commissioning that allow the installer to verify functionality at least 40% faster than traditional addressable systems.





• Save on operating costs with a system that was designed to provide consistent energy savings and drive energy efficiency throughout the building.

• Manage flexibly with quickly re-assignable fixtures to create new control zones and areas via desktop and mobile application.

• Save on capital with utility and DLC rebates. WaveLinx meets the utility requirements for networked addressable luminaires with energy calculations.




End User

• Easily reprogram the system to accommodate changes within your spaces.

• Enhance occupant experiences with IoT capabilities to share data via BACnet/IP and Public API (REST).







Designed to meet all commercial/industrial applications

WaveLinx is an ideal solution for both small and large projects. Scale from one room to an entire floor, or from one building to multiple buildings and sites.

Ideal for these spaces:

IoT platform compatible with WaveLinx system


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